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The home of the Samurai, Samurai junior, Ninja and El Ninjo bonsai carving tools.
You can purchase our bonsai carving tools and bonsai pots in our online shop.
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Bonsai Design Holland
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William Vlaanderen
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All our carving tools conform to
European Guideline NEN-EN 847-1
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Bonsai Design Holland designed and produces the world famous Samurai cutting tools and a full range of wood carving tools.

The ‘SAMURAI’ carving tool with HM-bits is specially developed for wood-carving ( jin & shari ) in Bonsai compositions.
Diameter 50mm, 8mm thick. Maximum speed 15,000 rpm.
It works fast, gives a smooth result and is easy to handle.
The Samurai is a carving tool with a proven history of longevity, performance and accuracy. It has been on the market for over 10 years and continues to be a most popular carving tool. The Samurai can be used to from left to right and also towards you or away from you. It is 3 dimensional carving tool which with its clever construction and ingenious design is considered to be among the best in the market.
The Samurai is being used by: Hotsumi Terrakawa, Marc Noelanders, Kevin Willson, Pius Notter, Farrand Bloch, Danny Use and many, many other bonsai-artists.
The ‘SAMURAI Junior’ is a unique small wood cutter with a diamter of 18mm and 3mm thick. It is very hard wearing and it's size makes it ideal for detailed work in difficult places.
It is suitable for use with most machines, and especially the Dremel, Makita and Bosch machines. It is ideal for use with a flexible drive shaft. There are 2 shaft thicknesses, 3mmm and 6mm.
The upper part of the cutter is made from hardened metal so that the durable cutting edges remain sharp for a remarkably long time.
The Samurai junior 3mm and 6mm have a maximum speed of 27,000 r.p.m.

The Samurai junior can be professionally sharpen by Bonsai Design Holland. The costs are 35 Euro including post. Replacement of the shaft is also possible at a cost of 45 Euro.

The ‘NINJA’ carving tool is made from stainless steel (type 316), is 30mm circumference and 6mm thick and has a 6mm shaft.
The ’Ninja’ has 3 replaceable hardened metal cutters and is made in one piece. It can be used up to 20,000 r.p.m. and optimal cutting is best achieved with machines with 250 watt or more.
The ’Ninja’ is specially designed for working on medium to large size tress where precision and accuracy are needed. The ’Ninja’ requires only a light contact with the wood to achieve excellent results.
  The flexible drive shaft can be used in most routers. It can be used to work in less accessible places and allows you freedom and flexibilty to concentrate on the cutting work without having the weight and inconvenience of a heavy machine in your hand.
For optimal results the drive should be kept as straight as possible to reduce internal resistence.
Maximum rotation: 27,000 rpm. For 6mm shaft.
The flexible drive is 1.25m long, has internal bearings, and 6mm connections at both ends.
The internal shaft, with new bearings, can be replaced at cost of 95 Euro.

Bonsai Design Holland sells specially developed cutting tools with 3 or 6 mm shaft
  • made from HARD-METAL for a long life
  • won't jam or clog
  • good value for money
  • NEW: special 3mm tools for mame-bonsai
Each bit can be ordered seperately.
Ask for prices and order-form by E-mail
  Tool holders
These leather tool holders are very handy for carrying around your 2 most used bonsai tools.
The holder fits on to most standard width belts.
Samurai tools are available from designated national distributors in Germany, France, UK, USA, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
Otherwise they can be ordered directly from Bonsai Design Holland in the Netherlands.